South Charlotte, Ballantyne, & Fort Mill’s Choice For Eyecare Services

Advance Eyecare is a full-service​ eye health and vision center. Our doctors are recognized experts in detecting, diagnosing, and caring for a wide range of vision and eye health issues, and our staff has years of experience in making sure your visit is comfortable and comprehensive. We distinguish general vision care from eye health because of the variety of methods of care and the number of problems that our patients may experience.

Our eye health services cover everything from 24-hour emergency eye care to preventative care to diagnosis and treatment of age- and health-related eye issues. Our vision care is also extensive and includes prescription-related services for glasses and contacts, pre- and post-operative laser eye care, and even prescription sunglasses that protect you from the sun and fit your fashion. Following is a summary of our services:

Comprehensive Eye Exams

Advance Eyecare provides you and your family comprehensive eye exams at our Ballantyne office located in South Charlotte, NC. Dr. Catchatoorian is skilled at evaluating and checking both adults and pediatric patients, so don’t hesitate to bring in your child with you to your next eye doctor appointment!

We provide the following services at every annual and comprehensive eye exam for each of our patients:

  • Vision Analysis for prescription eyewear or contact lenses
  • Ocular health assessment
  • Glaucoma and cataract evaluation
  • Diabetes and retinal evaluation
  • Vision and reading skills assessment
  • Muscle balance and eye coordination tests
  • Pre- and Post-operative Laser Eye Assessment

Specialty Eye Exams

At Advance Eyecare, our eye doctors want to make sure that all of your eyecare needs are taken care of in one place. We also provide the following specialty eye exams at our office as well:

  • Specialty contact lens fits
  • Vision therapy and vision perception evaluations
  • Vision-related learning disabilities analysis
  • OptoMap™ Digital Retinal Imaging
  • Computer eyestrain evaluations
  • Laser vision correction consultations
  • Corneal refractive therapy
  • Dry eye treatment
  • Sports vision testing
  • Low vision evaluation 
  • Emergency Visits

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